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How Can You Socially Distance in Your Apartment When You Are a “Social Person”?

Posted by lbhunt on July 24, 2020

The effects of social distancing due to COVID-19 have taken their toll on all of us in a variety of ways. For those who consider themselves to be “social butterflies,” a life of isolation has proven to be challenging. For residents of apartment complexes, this is especially difficult, as tenants live in such close proximity to neighbors but are unable to spend time in person with those they care about. Salt Lake City property management experts have found several ways to make it a little easier to stay social during the pandemic.

Book Clubs

Organizing a book club in your apartment complex is a great way to maintain a social life. Members can meet outside to discuss books or utilize apps like Skype and Zoom to include those who may not be comfortable leaving home.

Apartment Building Picnic

Property management companies in Utah have also found a great outdoor activity for tenants is a community picnic. Meeting in a courtyard or public space allows tenants to social distance while enjoying the foods they pack. As long as everyone agrees to wear masks to gather food, it should be fairly low risk.

Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

A fun activity for apartment dwellers is to post a list of items to find in the complex or their homes and share with the organizer via smartphone pictures. This could be especially fun for those with younger kids.

Balcony Karaoke

Apartment dwellers can gather on their balconies while staying a safe distance apart and sing along to music played by tenants or through a karaoke app.

Snail Mail

Writing letters and postcards may seem like a thing of the past, but property management in Salt Lake City has found that the COVID-19 pandemic offers a great opportunity to revive this lost art.

These activities are just a few ways that apartment tenants can find some relief from solitude while social distancing. With a little creativity, friends and neighbors can still have a social life and keep up with each other.


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