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When Disaster Strikes – Responding to Commercial Property Water Damage

Posted by katryna on April 6, 2021

Cracked or burst pipes, not to mention storms or flooding, can damage commercial property, leading to disruption and potentially harming the value of your investment. Here are the steps you can take to mitigate the problem:


  1. Call Your Salt Lake City Property Management Firm. If you’re working with professional property management in Salt Lake City, call them right away. If you’re not working with a commercial management company, prepare to address the situation yourself immediately.
  2. Assess the Situation. As anyone experienced in property management in Salt Lake City can tell you, you need to know your building and quickly find where water is coming from.
  3. Consider Safety. If there is standing water near outlets, you may need to turn off power to the building. Clean water dripping from the roof or a broken pipe leading to a tap is your best-case scenario; greywater can be more damaging. Blackwater from broken sewer lines is hazardous, so make sure anyone entering is properly equipped.
  4. Stop the Source. Turn off water, inform tenants not to use sinks or toilets, block roof leaks or broken windows, and stop things from becoming worse.
  5. Take Pictures and Call Your Insurance. Take pictures of the damage and contact your insurance provider.
  6. Drain and Dry. Drain water and use fans to dry the area. Remove any carpets and replace them when the floor is dry to prevent mold.

Consider Property Management in Salt Lake City

LB Hunt Management Group has the experience to help prevent and mitigate water damage on your commercial property. Contact us at 801.322.2505 and let our years of Salt Lake property management expertise work for you.

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