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3 Tips To Becoming a Desirable Tenant

Posted by lbhunt on September 18, 2020

You’ve found a great apartment in a perfect neighborhood. The next step is developing a positive relationship with your landlord. A good working relationship with your landlord means that you are likely to have your needs as a tenant addressed in a timely manner and that you will receive a lease renewal. So, what does it take to be a desirable tenant?


1. Pay Your Rent on Time

Paying your rent on time is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a tenant. If your landlord has to chase after you for your rent, you can’t expect them to prioritize your needs as a renter. By paying your rent on time, you communicate your respect for your part of the agreement and establish a great credit history to help with your next rental situation.


2. Care for the Property

Landlords expect renters to take care of their property and adhere to agreed upon guidelines regarding altering the property. This means that you avoid damaging the walls and keep the appliances in working order by using them properly. A desirable tenant is one who maintains a clean living space and acts as if they are financially responsible for all repairs. It is, after all, your home for the time being.


3. Communicate

Communication is key to any relationship. Your relationship with your landlord is no different. By expressing your expectations and developing an open and respectful line of clear communication, you can avoid many renter conflicts. It is important to keep your landlord aware of any changes that may impact your rental agreement and abreast of any repair needs to keep the building in good condition.


If you are a desirable renter looking for your next rental contact LB Hunt Management Group at 801.322.2505.

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