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Fall in Love With Your Home Office All Over Again

Posted by katryna on February 15, 2021

For many of us, working from home is the new normal. Creating a dedicated workspace is an important way to separate your work life from your personal life. Taking the time to make this space both functional and aesthetically pleasing will increase your productivity and improve your home life.


Under-Utilized Small Space Office

If you have limited space, the last thing you need is a big bulky desk in your already limited space. Look for a slim shelf or side table instead. You only need enough surface area for your laptop and a few essential office supplies. Any surface about 20 inches deep that is about 28- 30 inches from the floor should suit most people’s needs. This dedicated space can be along an unused wall, behind a couch, or even in the open space under your staircase.


Closet Space Office

An empty closet space can serve as a dedicated office with a bit of bright paint, a small scale desk and chair, and great lighting. Make the space appealing enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re working in a closet by choosing bright colors, bold prints, or nature-based accessories.


Corner Office

Room corners are under-utilized spaces that can become dedicated office areas. Look for desks designed to fit in a corner and a chair that slides fully under the desk. Use a bedroom vanity table as your office table. At the end of the workday, place your laptop and work materials in a decorative bin or storage ottoman.

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