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Best Temperature to Stay Cozy & Save Money

Posted by katryna on January 1, 2021

The battle between staying warm and cozy in your Salt Lake City apartment and
avoiding an astronomical energy bill is real. Whether you live alone or have roommates,
finding the right compromise over thermostat settings is important and requires expert
advice. The Department of Energy has some ideas. It’s the federal government program
tasked with finding the perfect temperature to balance comfort and energy efficiency.
Their recommendations for the best temperature setting for energy efficiency and
warmth had us grabbing an extra blanket and looking at other options.

Ideal Winter Temperature Setting

The ideal thermostat setting for your apartment in winter is considered to be between
68°F and 72°F. Test out various settings to find the temperature where you are most
comfortable. Remember, you can add layers to stay warm, and cozy blankets are a
great accessory. If you leave for the day, you should cut back the temperature
accordingly, and 60° F is the recommendation. Adjust it back to your comfort level until
you go to sleep, then lower it once more. If 60° F seems too cold, increase the
thermostat until you are more comfortable, but keep it below the at-home setting.

Adjust the Thermostat Based on Need

The best way to balance your need for warmth with your need to have money in your
bank account is to adjust the thermostat based on the time of day. Lower it when you
are away from home or sleeping. If the government guidelines are too low for you to be
comfortable with, adjust them as needed. Keep in mind, for every degree cooler you keep
your apartment in the winter, you can save 1% on your energy bill. You can also
consider a programmable thermostat to adjust for you, helping you save on your utility

If you are looking for a cozy apartment to call home this winter, contact a property
management company in Salt Lake City, Utah like LB Hunt Management Group at


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