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Staying Safe with Holiday Decorations

Posted by lbhunt on December 1, 2020

It’s that time of the year when thoughts of twinkling lights and holiday decorations can easily turn into safety issues and fire hazards. If you rent your home, it is very important to avoid damaging the property. Keep these tips in mind to make your holiday decorating beautiful and safe.


  1. Use a ladder safely. Always use a ladder rather than standing on a chair or other object, when putting up decorations or lighting. Make sure the ladder is in good condition and follow instructions for proper usage.


  1. Check your lights. Inspect all lights for damage to the wiring or broken bulbs. These can result in fire hazards. If replacing bulbs, check the wattage and make sure to use the right size replacements. Make sure you are using the appropriate lights for the space. Outdoor lights are meant to withstand weather conditions that indoor lighting does not. Fasten any outdoor decorations securely.


  1. Avoid damaging walls. Use freestanding decorations where possible. Make sure decorations with lights are spaced far enough away from walls to avoid stains from lights. Do not use tape to attach decorations or lighting to walls. Lights should go on windows, not walls. Use hooks made specifically for temporary indoor use on walls for other decorations.


  1. Turn off all holiday lighting before going to sleep. Leaving the lights on all night can result in overheating and become a fire issue.


Remember that these tips are a part of being a great tenant and can help you avoid a safety issue while celebrating the holidays. Find a great property management company in the Salt Lake City, Utah area by contacting LB Hunt Management Group.


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