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Easy DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Apartment

Posted by lbhunt on November 1, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to stay safe and minimize contact with people outside your immediate circle. One way to do this is to limit your interactions with the maintenance staff by taking care of your own household repairs. There are several tasks you can do yourself with supplies you probably have on hand. If you don’t have the supplies, you can have them delivered to you.


Clogged Drain

Most drain clogs are a result of hair or debris buildup in your pipes. There is no need to brush your teeth in a sink filled with a pool of gross, slow-moving water. This repair is likely one you can easily handle yourself.

Use a plunger to create a vacuum effect and get the clog moving. If there isn’t any standing water in the sink, add some. A few up and down strokes with a plunger should release the debris.

You can also try pouring baking powder, about a half cup, into the drain. Follow that with about twice as much vinegar and let sit for about half an hour, then pour a kettle of hot water down the drain.


A/C Filter Replacement

Replacing your own air filter is a quick and easy task. It should be changed every three to six months to improve air quality. Replacing it yourself will mean it is taken care of much more quickly than if you need to wait for a maintenance appointment. Locate the air return, and remove the old filter. Check the dimensions, purchase a new one, and follow the installation directions.


Beeping Smoke Detector

There is no reason to put up with a beeping smoke detector. After checking for an actual fire, remove the cover, replace the batteries, and put the cover back on. The noise is gone, and you can be confident the smoke detector is in working order.


Taking care of these small tasks will help keep you safe and add another skill set to your toolbox.

If you’re looking for a great rental in the Salt Lake City area, contact  LB Hunt Management Group at 801.322.2505.

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